Love is in the air

Hello planner world,

Well it’s the week of valentines πŸ’• for some that’s a beautiful time to show your significant other just how much they mean to you. I am lucky enough to be married to my favourite person in the world. 

I knew I wanted to reflect that in my planner spread this week , I ordered a beautiful kit from The rabbit tribe on eTsy and I’m soooo happy with the way it turned out. I added some gorgeous gold glitter washi tape and some perfect little red icons from stickersbydano also on eTsy. 

   And here it is my 1st valentines spread in my Erin condren. 
  And this is my spread in my personal using a mix of Australian eTsy sticker stores including cynamin designs , lime and mortar , madebyelissa , stickersbymeryl and stickersbydano. All can be found on eTsy. 
What have you got planned for this special occasion perhaps it’s a date with your other half or maybe your planner whatever it is id love to see so please don’t forget to tag me in your posts or pictures using  @plannermummy on Instagram 

Be sure to check back Friday for my latest planner goodie haul πŸ’•

Emma Anne /plannermummy 😘


Hello planner world

Well it’s been a very busy start to the new year with lots of plans and goals being set for this blog yay. I am going to be broadening my posts to not just free printable a and DIY tutorials but to reviews and also my weekly planner spreads which I do also show on my Instagram @plannermummy.

So tomorrow will be my first weekly spread post and I’m loving this week all girly and lovey for valentines.

I hope you all like the new content I will be providing as well as still giving you as much DIY information as I can πŸ’•

Stay organised 

Emma /planner mummy 😘

Hello kitty Erin condren printable

Hi planner friends been a busy few weeks here and I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting my weekly printables but I hope this super cute  hello kitty sheet will make up for it 😍😍 

I have started making some functional stickers for you all with payday etc so I hope they are helpful and the box stickers are now perfectly sized to fit in your EC vertical planner.  Here is a preview of the printable which is as usual a4 size 

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Hello kitty EC printable

Watermelon free printable

Hello planner friends , so this week in lovely Melbourne we have had some beautiful sunny days lately. It feels as though it is already summer , so with that in mind I wanted to create a bright summer inspired printable in pinks and greens I have included some icons washi tape strips bunting and some other cute clip art. So here is this weeks theme “watermelon”  

  I created this printable using google image & word pdf is a a4 size so print on sticker paper or normal. This is for personal use only not to be sold or distributed. Please share the link to this post if you want to share not just send the PDF 😊 all images used I do not claim as my own just the actual PDF I created. Hope you all enjoy this weeks free printable I’m already so excited to show you next weeks πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Watermelon planner sticker PDF&don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @plannermummy
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Nightmare before Christmas planner printable

Halloween is a favourite holiday in my household Costumes + Candy it really is so much fun and yummy ☺️ My kids are extremely excited to go and pick there costumes tomorrow and stock up on chocolate and candy master 2 wants to be a dinosaur and miss 4 is yet to decide. So we have pulled out our little box of decorations and we will be all prepared for Saturday 😍😍. 

Well anyway back to point of this post another #Plannermummyprintable this theme came to me a few weeks back when I myself was looking at Halloween planner printables and everything although great just wasn’t unique everything was bats and witches so I searched for some nightmare before Christmas printables and nothing came up 😞 I was so disappointed I really wanted to have this theme set up for my monthly view but I didn’t create this in time maybe next year 😊. I have come up with this printable it includes some box images clip art titles and icons I use weekly. The digital paper picture I use to cut into page flags or boxes totally up to you what you find more useful. I use google image search to find all my images I do not in anyway own or design them, I’m just a thrifty planner mummy. 

This pdf was created as an a4 size document so make sure you print on a whole a4 adhesive sheet.

  Here is the printable in the image above I hope you all like it I know this won’t be a lot of people’s taste but I love this movie and think of it around most big holidays 😊. Link below to pdf file.  For personal use only not to be distributed or sold. Halloween printable

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Breakfast at Tiffany EC style boxes

  So for those who follow me on Instagram you would know I posted a photo yesterday of a gorgeous breakfast at tiffanys theme I had done in my new EC style inserts it has been so well received I have decided to share with you the printable I made for myself which is featured I have to also give lots of credit to Papercandyinc

  i also used her breakfast at Tiffany printable this week which I have linked above but I will link the etsy listing at the bottom of the page.  

 So here is a preview of the printable I have made print it as a standard a4 document and I have found all the boxes fit pretty much exactly. Breakfast at Tiffany inspired EC spread be sure to tag me on Instagram if you use this printbable id love to see your layouts πŸ˜€ this printable is for personal use only and not to be distributed.

Papercandyinc breakfast at Tiffany etsy printable  

 Papercandyinc tiffany printable etsy

Link to My Tiffany themed spread on Instagram

DIY stickers for the thrifty planner girl

I was going to wait a few months to share this but I’ve had lots of planner girls ask me how I make my own sticker sheets in the last week, it’s very simple and actually quite fun. 

You will need 

A computer or iPhone 


Adhesive paper/sticker paper/ normal A4 paper

Stanley knife /pen knife/ scissors 


Microsoft word

Drop box account or app

Now if you haven’t printed stickers before its this easy. Hop on your comp or phone and literally just google whatever icon or clip art you are after for instance “pink WordPress icon” 

 Then click on the “images tab.

You can then save your chosen pictures to your computer or device. There are thousands of icons and clip art images so get creative πŸ˜€.

Okay now I use my iPhone to make my sheets using Microsoft word but I think it would be easier on a computer but either way it’s possible to achieve great results. So open word up once you have all your chosen icons and images.  

 Now click on blank document and it should take you to a blank page. 

 Now depending what you are using either click “insert image” using a computer or if your using iPhone click on the A and pen symbol in the top right hand corner and it should come up with this menu  

 Click on the home tab and it will show these options above click on insert then picture in the subtab. It should take you to your photo gallery you can then pick the image of your chose like this.  

 Now we need to decrease the size of the image which I presume most know if not its just the little dots around the square border of the image move the corner ones in to make almost as small as possible now zoom into the picture using your thumb and index finger and swiping inwards simultaneously now you can see a more realistic size of your image and fix if neccasary ie smaller or bigger. Now tap image until a black option tab appears then click copy. 

 Copy image then paste and move to selected spot on page I personally like vertical rows but do whatever is most functional to you perhaps doing one of each icon you use weekly in a row.  

  Repeat until you have desired amount of icons then repeat the insert picture steps for the next image then again resize move then copy and paste until you have desired number of images and icons  

Once you are happy with your layout it’s time to Save  make sure you always save otherwise all your hard work will be a waste.  

 Now again depending on your chosen device will be how you print. For computer users quite easy just select print option straight from word make sure you put your adhesive paper in “sounds silly to remind you but I totally forget sometimes as I always have standard a4 in there ready to go” page size should be set to A4 for this also and voila you have printer your very first sticker sheet.

Now iPhone users we need to click on the dot icon in the top right hand corner  

It will then come up with this menu  

 click on send attachment  

 Then select PDF  

 we now want to send this copy to our Dropbox account  

 Select save to Dropbox it will ask to give your file a title I generally name it after whatever theme I’ve gone for that layout. Now we have saved it’s time to open up the file in our drop box app  

 click on the box and arrow icon in the top right hand corner and it should take you to this  

Okay so depending on your printer you may already have the option to print if so then print for canon users in particular this is not the case we need to click open in from the menu shown above.  

 Which takes us to our final menu “yay” now pick open in print.

  Now it may ask to correct the image layout before you can print which is fine it will just adjust the size so it prints the way we set the images out in word. Now select print select A4 and again voila you have your very first sticker sheet.   
There are several ways of cutting these stickers I personally use a Stanley knife clipboard and ruler” I use the clipboard to protect my desk” and trace around each icon or image with the Stanley knife using a ruler or free hand. You can also just cut them all into squares using scissors or even cut them out as you need whatever suits you. 

So I know this was a huge post but I have a little reward for all that reading here is the link to the PDF I created above please if you use it link me or tag me I’d love to see them being used ☺️ 

Print this document as an A4 size document please do not distribute or sell this pdf it is for personal use only. I am in no means a graphic designer just a thrifty planner mummy.


Hope you all have lots of fun creating your own sheets of sticker prettyness don’t forget to tag @plannermummy or #plannermummyblog in your DIY posts on Insta πŸ˜€ and subscribe to my email list for updates on new posts and freebie sheets I create. 

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Happy planning 😘😘 

Emma Aka plannermummyβ„’